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Gosen Electric provides services to commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, retail spaces, and new construction.

Are you in need of services for your home? Gosen Electric’s trained electricians offer services for your home, on-time and on-scope.

  • EV Charger Installion

  • Lighting services

  • Panel change & upgrades

  • Additions

Gosen Electric has extensive experience in supplying services in multi-unit residential dwellings, such as apartment buildings and condominiums.

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House Construction

Electrical Contracting Service

If you’re in need of a complete electric system upgrade, or installation of a modern electrical system in your household, multi-unit residential building or commercial building, Gosen Electric’s experience electrician team can complete your electrical needs quickly, and efficiently.

Sound and Video System Wiring

Gosen Electric is experienced in installing sound and video system wiring for large projects and small projects. They’ve seamlessly installed sound and video system wiring for residential homes and commercial buildings such as theaters and churches

Gosen Electric specializes in both addressable microprocessor-based and conventional systems. The Gosen Electric electricians have experience installing voice evacuation systems and works one-on-one with various sprinkler companies for specialized applications.

Stand-by Power Systems

The Gosen Electric team has extensive knowledge regarding the installation of generator systems. The team provides the supply and installation of diesel and natural gas-powered stand-by or emergency generator systems, both indoor and outdoor for residential, commercial and multi-unit dwellings.

Entry and Security Systems

Gosen Electric has skilled electricians that can install phone entry and intercom systems, closed-circuit television and security systems for both large commercial buildings and residential homes

Design-Build Services

The Gosen Electric team is known for completing projects on-time, and on-scope, and can provide you with design-build services to ensure your project is completed efficiently, and within your budget and time-frame.

EV Charger Installation

Gosen Electric is experienced in the safe installation of any Electric Vehicle Charger type currently being used in Ontario. We offer these services for both Commercial as well as Residential use, and will work with you to ensure we pick the best and most future-proof solution for the ever-changing EV market.



Let us use our experience to cut through the jargon and provide a high quality and dependable solution to your LED lighting needs.


A quality range of innovative LED lighting products backed by laboratory test reports

Honest advice with an exceptional depth of product knowledge

High industry credibility with numerous long-term happy clients

A history of innovation that you will access through many of our products

Professional Lighting Designs as necessary for commercial projects


Where you work will determine how and when you use your lighting. Our range of commercial products have you sorted, with tailored, money-saving solutions. We have options for everyone from supermarket chains to healthcare professionals.

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