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About Us

Where We Came From

"By the work - one knows the man"

In 1956, John Gosen immigrated to Canada from Russia, yet to discover his true passion for the electrical industry. Working as an oil-burner technician, John provided for his family; but was eager to further his career. He enrolled in night school to become a certified electrician, and that’s when his passion was discovered. In 1956, he launched, Gosen Electric a business that today, has grown to become a part of many lives.

John’s son experienced the industry at a very young age, as his father brought him on-site to jobs, teaching him the ins and outs of the electrical industry. For John, his son, named Don, was next in line to manage the family business. But as a young adult with a desire for new experiences, Don went another direction.

The business was going well under John’s leadership, until he fell ill. Don was instructed by his father to shut the business down. Don left his job, and went to face the difficult fate of his dad’s business. But as he immersed himself in the industry, the people, and the business as a whole – he fell in love. Don replaced his father and became the president in 1978, building the business to his father’s vision.


From their first big project, the Hallman 20-storey tower in 1968, that Don assisted with at only 15-years-old, to Wilfred Laurier Universities Bricker Street Student Residence from 1991 to 1992 under Don’s leadership, Gosen Electric evolved. Working to reach new successes everyday, Gosen Electric’s success was driven by the passion of the employees. Don has been retired since 2015 and the new ownership group of Chris, Colin, and Nick have been carrying on the same values that have been in place since 1956.  With the goal of providing the same quality and reliability that has been synonymous with Gosen Electric for the past 60 years.

Where We Are Today

Gosen Electric’s group of electricians combine youth and experience, backed up with extensive training in the industry. Gosen Electric ensures their electricians are continuously trained on safety, including WHMIS, Fall Arrest and use of Elevated Work Platforms. As members of the GVCA Safety Group, ensuring Gosen Electric electricians are performing best safety practices is important to the business.

With passion, and dedication in the industry, the Gosen Electric trained electricians are what makes the business fall in-line with John Gosen’s business vision during 1956. The strength of the business comes from the loyalty of the staff, their loyalty to the industry, and of course, John’s dream.

Today, 60 years later, with loyal employees, Gosen Electric has become a veteran in the electrical industry, providing services to multi-unit residential, commercial, and residential dwellings.

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